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You Can Get Up Close And Personal With Baby Penguins At Busch Gardens This Weekend

Busch Gardens Tampa offers penguin encounters during National Penguin Awareness Day.
You Can Get Up Close And Personal With Baby Penguins At Busch Gardens This Weekend

"I don't want to see baby penguins," said no one in the history of ever. So plan your day to celebrate National Penguin Awareness Day with Busch Gardens Tampa and get up close and personal with the penguins while tickets are still available. 

To celebrate the adorable holiday Busch Gardens is offering tickets for penguin encounters at only $29.00 per ticket, and pass members can save 10% on this experience. Note children must be ages 5 and up to participate.

Busch Garden Tampa's website states that during the encounter you will meet and go behind the scenes with one of Busch Gardens’ penguin keepers and discover what it’s like to care for warm-weathered African Penguins. The tour will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal to some of the most dapper animals in the wild while learning about some of the conservation initiatives Busch Gardens supports surrounding these highly endangered species in South Africa.

The park's penguin parents welcomed three adorably fluffy chicks, with the most recent hatchling making a debut on January 10. Visitors this weekend will get to see the adorable chicks on habitat, as well as the hatchlings from the fall at the Animal Care Center intermittently from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

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Andjudging by photos on Instagram, penguin encounters look absolutely magical.

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Guests will be invited to the Animal Care Center to meet one of the baby chicks on January 12-20. Times will vary and will be posted each day at the care center. Book your tickets here.

Additionally, visitors will also receive 10 percent off of penguin merchandise in honor of the new arrivals.

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