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You Can Now Get Weed-Infused Ice Cream In Miami

Ice cream that will get you high.
You Can Now Get Weed-Infused Ice Cream In Miami

Everyone loves ice cream, especially after a breakup. And now you can find ice cream that will get you high and happy all day long. This ice cream shop in Miami sells weed-infused ice cream and the first handcrafted CBD ice cream in South Florida.

Elevation Ice Cream is the best ice cream to have for dessert. If you're looking for a pick-me-up, visit the Midtown Creamery in Miami where they sell the most amazing flavors. You can now have cookie mob ice cream with weed and even red velvet ice cream that will elevate your mood.

The best part is that Midtown Creamery closes at 1 am during the weekends. So, if you have late night cravings you can easily get ice cream after a late night out.

This ice cream has nanoemulsified and water-soluble CBD and THC. Instead of waiting for your friend to share her weed, you can get some ice cream delivered and enjoy it while watching Netflix.

For a while, Florida doctors have beenprescribing cannabis-infused ice cream for patients with cancer. The ice cream has helped many patients to manage the pain and it helps them relax. An oncology nurse and ice cream maker in Florida started her own ice cream company, Heavenly Hash Creamery, to help patients that suffered a disease. 

And maybe you're wondering, what's the difference between real weed and CBD infused ice cream? The cannabinoid helps to reduce anxiety and depression. So, instead of waiting for the real deal you can get a quick fix with a cone full of your favorite flavor.  

Midtown Creamery has many flavors you can choose from including cake batter and passion fruit. Plus, CBD ice cream is a natural way to heal any pain and feel better in an instant.

Now you can actually have your brownies with weed-infused ice cream and have an ice cream party. 

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