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You Can Witness This Breathtaking Meteor Shower Cross The Sky In Miami This July

If you could use a few wishes, you can step outside and catch a spectacular meteor shower later this month. You can watch the Delta Aquarid meteor shower from Miami on July 28th and July 29th when it hits its peak. Although the meteor shower is best viewed from the Southern Hemisphere, it can also be enjoyed from the Northern Hemisphere—especially the southern regions. For the US, that includes southern spots like Miami. 

The Delta Aquarid meteor shower lasts from July 12th to August 23rd, but peaks in late July. The best time to see these shooting stars is before dawn, so be ready to stay up late. Pack a blanket and pillow and lay back for a dreamy stargazing experience.

For the best view, head to the places in and around Miami with the least light pollution. According to the Space Tourism Guide, this includes North Beach, and more specifically, Oleta River State Park. Away from the city lights, North Beach offers a more vivid viewing experience than downtown Miami. Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables is another good observation point. The park closes at 5 pm, but you can park your car nearby to view the shower.

If you're willing to venture a bit further outside the city, Bill Sadowski Park & Nature Center in Palmetto Bay, FL, and Shark Valley Trails & Observation Tower at an entrance to the Everglades are excellent spots for stargazing. Be wary of gators if you're in the Everglades!

You may be tempted to spring for a handheld telescope, but according to, the naked eye is best for viewing this astronomical event. Also, give your eyes some time to adjust to the dark skies. The American Museum of Natural History suggests finding the constellation Aquarius to know where to watch for Delta Aquarid meteors. Fun fact: Aquarius is where this meteor shower gets its name!

The peak times for this meteor shower are coming up soon. Pack some Moonpies and get out there!

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