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Matthew McConaughey Has A Very Special Role In Michael Bublé’s Nighttime Sleep Routine

You mean he doesn't fall asleep to his own music?!

The holidays are fast approaching and you might be be a fan of his soothing Christmas album, but sadly that's not his cup of tea to get a good night's sleep. Fellow insomnias are likely familiar with same sleep app that the iconic Canadian singer uses to get some z's. In a surprising and hilarious twist, Michael Bublé falls asleep to Matthew McConaughey's voice every night. 

The two entertainers were on The Graham Norton Show along with Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, and Hugh Grant.

While they were chatting, Norton asked "Does Matthew know that he plays a special part in your life?"

Bublé told the Magic Mike star, "My wife and I sleep with you almost every night" which got a laugh and nod of approval.

He continued, "There's an app called Calm, and I have insomnia and he has the most beautiful voice and I turn it on and I just hear 'well hello everybody. It's me, Matthew McConaughey and I'm gonna tell you a bedtime story.'"

The Haven't Met You Yet singer also shared that his wife, Luisana Lopilato, is not as keen on hearing the actor's voice. 

He did his best Argentian accent to mimic his wife of eight years saying, "You have the man talking again. The man's talking in the bed again, Mike."

The app cost the BC born artist a whopping $80 but he called it "well worth it" as a sleep aid.

McConaughey certainly has a soothing voice that's easy to fall asleep to, and he was also on Norton's talk show last week where they discussed his iconic catchphrase.

He told the story of when he got on stage to accept an award and started off the speech with "alright, so" but the audience's reaction made him correct himself.

The 50-year-old explained that "alright, alright, alright" were the "first three words I ever said on film" and that when he says the word, "if it starts with one, I gotta add the other three".

The clip ended with him saying the phrase which got cheers of approval from the audience. 

It's pretty easy to see why Bublé is such a fan of the suave, Texas accent.

If you're not feeling McConaughey's voice, Bublé's 2011 album is available for streaming on music apps including Spotify and Amazon Music.

He posted an Instagram video today showcasing it on Apple Music which has a cool feature that shows the lyrics if you're in the mood to sing along.

There are only a few days left this year to listen to Christmas on repeat!

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