The singer Netflix and chills too! Michael Bublé shared that he's been spending his time at home binge-watching Tiger King and You. You'll never guess which celebs recommended them to the singer!

The 44-year-old recently spoke with Cheryl Hickey from ET Canada from the comfort of his Vancouver home. 

They spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic and what he's doing to help aid in the crisis, as well as what he does while staying home.

The singer says he doesn't have much downtime but he spends nights binge-watching some of the best shows on Netflix with his wife of nine years. 

"I watched this show last night called Tiger King. I meant to watch just the first episode. Actually I heard about it while talking to Ariana Grande and Usher, I know those are weird name drops but they were watching it, and I watched the whole thing," Bublé shared. 

He compared the docuseries to Jordan Peele's Get Out mixed with Christopher Guest's Waiting for Guffman. "It's so surreal that you think, 'well this can't be real.'"

The singer added, "We already ripped through another series that we loved called You with Penn Badgley. It's almost like a more romantic Dexter, it's great. Not scary at all, it's intense, it's weird."

During the day, he says he's busy homeschooling his three children, taking calls from the Prime Minister, and reaching out to fans on social media. 

Last week, Bublé posted a video asking his fans to stay inside for the safety of themselves and others. He even joked that they can "drink quarantinis" if that helps them feel better.

Shortly after, the singer posted another video asking Canadians to do their part and stay home for the sake of our health heroes and government leaders. 

On top of that, Bublé and his wife Luisana Lopilato have decided to host daily live streams for their fans who are also stuck indoors.

The Facebook hosted stream titled at home with Michael & Luisana takes place at 2 p.m. PT from Monday to Friday with a different activity happening every day. Mondays feature cooking, Tuesdays will be spent exercising, Wednesdays are for entertainment, Thursdays will have gaming, and Fridays will host a weekly recap and Q&A session. 

Bublé's return to social media comes years after he gave it up to better his mental health while going through challenges in his personal life. 

"I've been off of social media since my boy was diagnosed, I never went back," Bublé said, referencing his six-year-old son Noah who was diagnosed with liver cancer at just three-years-old.

"For me, social media had become something that wasn't great for my mental health. And I felt like sometimes it was really narcissistic. It got really tiresome to see people showing off their lives in this way that wasn't realistic." 

He continued, "I thought I'd never come back to it, but for me, this is why it's great. This is why social media can work because it can be a great voice, for good." 

During this time offline, the father of three has been on the world tour An Evening with Michael Bublé that began in February 2019 and was originally scheduled to end in October 2020. 

However, as of March 17, the tour has been postponed. 

"I was 110 shows into probably 160 or 170," Bublé said. "The plan is that I will make up every single show that I cancelled, but at the same time it is literally the last thing that I am thinking about." 

The remainder of his tour has venues located in North America, South America, and Europe.