Michael Buble Has Released A New Holiday Song, So It's Officially Christmas

The King of Christmas is back!
Michael Buble's "White Christmas"

You've probably seen memes all over the internet lately about how when the clock strikes midnight on November 1, all the Halloween costumes disappear and people are suddenly more than eager to celebrate Christmas. As funny as these posts are, there's actually an element of truth to them. Netflix just released their first holiday movie of the season today with more coming over the next few weeks, and if that's not enough reason to celebrate, the King of Christmas himself has also made a comeback. Michael Buble's "White Christmas" will get you in the holiday spirit this November.

Now, you may want to argue that "White Christmas" isn't a new holiday song, but earlier today, Buble released a re-imagined, very jazzy version of the tune that's sure to get you in the mood to lace up some ice skates or do some Christmas shopping.

Since he released his album Christmas back in 2011, Buble has pretty much become the face (and voice) of the holiday season. The album is currently the most-listened-to album of the last decade, and 2018 alone saw Christmas streamed more than one billion times.

In short, when Michael Buble says that it's officially time to celebrate Christmas, you don't argue.

Along with the new song, Buble also released an animated music video, which receiving great feedback from fans online.

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"Guess Halloween's over," one viewer joked. "Halloween ends, Michael [says] it's time to shine," added another.

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"Here's the king of Christmas! I miss his Christmas specials," one fan gushed. "Michael's voice is one of the few things that hit me with the nostalgia of Christmas when I was younger," added another.

Clearly, Buble's catchy Christmas tunes have warmed the hearts of people everywhere at one point or another. You can check out the fun video for "White Christmas" below.