The Great Lakes State is a dreary state for a large part of the year, but that only means that we appreciate the warmth of blooming nature even more. Springtime is quickly approaching and nothing screams a new season like a gorgeous bouquet of freshly cut flowers. This Michigan garden lets you spend time in their natural oasis and create a bundle of flowers for yourself or for someone special. 

The farm is a 20-minute drive from Grand Rapids and it's well worth it to spend a sumptuous summer evening amongst the blooms. 

They ask that you bring your own vase or bucket to collect the flowers and to make sure that it's clean. It can be an old mason jar or anything that you have lying around the house.

The farm also suggests bringing sunscreen and a water bottle because it can get really toasty out in the field during the warm months. Pets are not allowed on the farm. 

Most people like to browse all of the flowers before choosing which to cut, but you're also welcome to follow your heart's desires. 

There's a spot for you to hang out after you've cut the flowers so that you can arrange the perfect bouquet. 

There will be someone to guide you through the process while you're at the farm, but there are some general tips to keep in mind. Make sure the stems are on the long side because this actually encourages more blooms to grow. 

The farm only allows people to cut flowers during the morning and the evening because flowers that are cut during hours of bright sunlight are more likely to wilt. 

Even though this farm is super unique, there are a lot of opportunities to get close to nature in Michigan. You can visit a botanical garden in either Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor. For the true flower enthusiast, the Tulip Time Festival in Holland takes place in May. 

The owners started growing flowers at the farm because they believed so strongly in the peace and happiness that the garden brought them. They opened the farm to the public on certain days because they wanted other people to feel that sense of serenity. 

When seeking out your own serenity, keep in mind that it might just be hidden in a garden. 

Pick Flowers @ Three Acre Farm

Price: They charge $20 to fill a vase and $50 to fill a bucket full of flowers. 

When: You can pick your own flowers starting in mid-July and ending in mid-September. Make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages to know which days they're offering U-Pick. 

Address: 9973 Homerich Ave. SW, Byron Center, MI

Why You Need To Go: Whether you want to spend a peaceful morning with your own thoughts or take a special someone out for a magical evening, this farm provides a truly heavenly opportunity to stop and smell the flowers. 

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