One of the most iconic symbols to come from the Harry Potter series has got to be that magical steam engine train. If you've ever wanted to sit in a corner seat and feel like you were on a trip to become a part of an enchanting society then you really don't even have to leave our mitten-shaped state. This Michigan train ride will really make you feel like you're traversing the English countryside toward Hogwarts. 

The train makes many trips throughout the year so make sure to check their event schedule! It's not very regular and the amount of trips they make depends on the season. 

For normal train rides, an adult ticket costs $20. 

They have special rides that are catered towards holidays and those tickets may cost more. 

If you take the train all the way to Quincy, it's about a two-hour trip. 

Make sure to get there a half-hour early! They're very clear that the train won't wait for you even if you have a ticket. 

There is a museum about steam locomotives at the station as well. They have some souvenirs that you can purchase so you'll never forget what it was like to sit where Harry and Ron did. 

This train is located in Coldwater, Michigan which is in the southern central part of the state. It's only a 15-minute drive from the Indiana border and an hour from Kalamazoo. 

This train isn't the only thing in Michigan that will make you feel like you're in a magical new world. This library is especially Harry Potter themed if the train ride didn't give you your fix of the wizarding world. 

Adding to the wizarding mystery of the train, no one is totally sure exactly when the train was built. Some of its parts are at least 110 years old, but there's no way to know when it made its first journey. 

When you're staring at the beautiful nature outside of this historic train, you might just feel the same excitement our favorite wizards felt on their first trip to their new home. 

Little River Railroad

Price: Adult tickets cost $20 for regular rides. 

Address: 29 W. Park Ave., Coldwater, MI

Why You Need To Go: If you want to feel the thrill of entering a whole new world of magic then this is a trip you can take without leaving our home state.