It doesn't get cozier than a beautifully designed tiny home in Michigan and this one is in the perfect location. This Airbnb is nestled in the woods a few miles from downtown Charlevoix which has everything you could want for your weekend getaway. Whether you're tucked away in a white snow-covered forest or embraced by green branches, this is the perfect setting for romance.

They're charging $120 per night for this place, which is $60 each if you split the cost with someone special. 

When the owners say this place is tiny, they're not just doing that to hop on the cute trend that HGTV started. This place is actually so small. 

You'll have 200 square feet to live in during your stay, but somehow this place manages to look bright and spacious. 

Try not to overpack when you come for the weekend and embrace what it means to live with less in simplicity.

In the summer, all you really need is a bathing suit and some T-shirts. If you're looking to brave the snow, your winter clothes might be a bit bulkier, but you can keep warm by cuddling with the significant other you bring with. 

This stay has a 5-star rating after 150 reviews, so you know the experience is going to be just as idyllic as the pictures. 

If you want to take some day trips to see the beauty that northern Michigan has to offer, you could drive to swim in the teal waters at Torch Lake or camp out and see the stars at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

You might think that the kitchen would be the most crowded part of a tiny house, but this one looks ready to tackle a gourmet dinner. 

Or, you know, just some microwave popcorn if that's where the night's headed.

This cottage has a loft with a bed in the pointed roof where you can sleep in on a snowy Sunday.

There is another lofted area towards the front of the house that can be used for convenient storage. 

This whole place is like the coziest nook in your house, just welcoming you in for the weekend. 

A Simple Tiny House Getaway

Price: $120 per night and it sleeps two guests

Neighborhood: 2.5 miles from downtown Charlevoix

Why You Need To Go: It's in an amazing area and the simplicity of a tiny house is such a good way to unplug for a little while.