Almost every year, around April or March, there are a few days where the sky clears up and you can finally feel the sun on your face after months of dreary winter. The instinct of many people in this state is to find the closest open patio that serves beer on tap and get there as soon as possible. The warm weather instinctively makes us feel like drinking, maybe that has something to do with our high tolerance and the amazing craft beer Michigan has to offer?

Hey, at least the overwhelming amount of brews produced here gives you an excuse to sample several before you make a decision. 

This affinity for trying every beer out there has some consequences when it comes to our drinking habits. 

According to a survey done by, Michiganders have the highest beer tolerance in the country

On average, it takes us over four beers to start feeling drunk. 

We also have some of the fewest rates of lightweights of any state. Only 12% of Michigan responders said that they felt drunk after drinking one beer with a 4.5% alcohol content. 

We love beer so much that we even mark the season change by when certain breweries release our favorites. 

When Bell's Brewery starts shipping out Oberon, you know that the season of day drinking on the patio has officially started.

We have 4.5 craft breweries for every 100,000 residents of legal drinking age

That might explain why everyone you graduated college with cares so much about what quirky name dons the beer they brought to your party.

Make sure to always drink responsibly, but don't beat yourself up about wanting to enjoy all these Michigan beers. It's hard not to. 

If you're looking for some cool bars to test out your tolerance, check out Green Dot Stables, where you can get your beer for cheap along with a ton of sliders to choose from. If you're someone that prefers something a bit high brow, you can eat and drink at the highest restaurant in the state