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"Micro Cheating" Is On The Rise And You Are Probably Doing It Without Realizing

It turns out that according to psychologists, you can be cheating on your partner without even realizing it. The concept comes as a new sign of trouble in paradise from Melanie Schilling's talk with FEMAIL about a new term called "micro-cheating." She outlines what it is, how it works, and how you can spot one (or find out whether you're doing it or not).

The term "micro-cheating" is supposed to serve as an umbrella term for all of the little ways both emotionally and/or physically that you can be unfaithful to your partner. Some examples of micro-cheating can be secretly connecting with someone on social media, sharing private jokes with them and then downplaying the seriousness of your relationship to your partner and/or putting the person under a different name or code on your phone.

Schillings explained that all of those seemingly small secrets add up to "covert flirtation" that you are hiding from your partner. All those sneaky small things you're doing are things you are hiding for a reason she says. In the age of social media, it's become a new concerning trend in the dating world for partners to become overly secretive with who they are talking to.

In regards to how to spot "micro-cheating," Schillings says it's an act of subtle betrayal, so be on the look for if your partner is keeping a lot of secrets. Other things you should keep your eyes peeled for range from if your partner is having private conversations with people they are overly secretive about, it they are reaching out to an ex over an anniversary or significant event, or if he/she immediately shuts down a conversation when you enter the room.

While many have pointed out the seemingly thin line between a friendly relationship versus "micro-cheating", Schillings says there is a distinct difference between the two, that being the secretiveness. At the end of the day, Schillings says to trust your gut when it comes to suspecting your partner of "micro-cheating," as she believes that "bad feeling in your gut" happens for a reason.

Source:The Daily Mail

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