Ontarians Became Heroes When They Rescued A Cop From A Flipped Car (VIDEO)

These people stepped up.
Midland Car Crash Involving Police Officer Sees Bystanders Becoming Heroes

Usually, when we think of car accidents and police officers, it's the cops rescuing someone from a crashed vehicle with the help of other first responders. However, sometimes it takes the collective effort of other people to help a police officer in trouble. After a Midland car crash left an OPP cruiser flipped, bystanders stepped in to help.

The traffic collision occurred on the afternoon of October 28 at the intersection of Highway 93 and Yonge Street in Midland. The three-vehicle crash caused a police cruiser to flip over and land almost completely upside down.

In a video posted to YouTube by Jareth Crowell, bystanders can be seen crowding around the cruiser. The cop appears to be attempting to shatter the windshield with something.

One of the bystanders then uses another object to start breaking the windshield away from the outside.

As the windshield starts to give way, someone asks the police officer, "Can you boot it out?" The officer then begins using his foot to push the windshield further out.

The officer is then seen being helped to his feet by one of the bystanders and walking away from the crash.

According to CTV News, the police officer driving the car, as well as one other driver involved in the crash, were taken to the hospital.

Witnesses who spoke with CTV said they were not sure who had the right of way when the accident occurred, but that the police car had its lights turned on. It was not confirmed if the officer was responding to a call at the time of the collision.

The OPP stated in a tweet that an investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing.

This isn't the first time a police officer has been involved in a car accident in Ontario. A Toronto officer was charged after hitting someone while drunk.

Then, of course, there were cars that crashed into both a KFC and an elementary school playground, proving that these types of accidents can happen anywhere.

Despite all that, the video captured by Crowell shows just how much Canadians are willing to help one another out of a bad situation.

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