Miley Cyrus Fans Have A Theory On Why She Blacked Out Her Entire Instagram Account

Miley Cyrus fans are in a panic over her sudden social media blackout, and here are the most convincing theories behind it.
Miley Cyrus Fans Have A Theory On Why She Blacked Out Her Entire Instagram Account

If you happen to be one of Miley Cyrus' 76 million Instagram followers, you may already know that her entire account has been wiped. Miley's fans - a.k.a. "Smilers" - were shocked to discover all of Miley's photos, even the ones of her man Liam Hemsworth, suddenly disappeared on Friday. 

Miley also blacked out all of her social media profile photos and banners. Her official website has also inexplicably gone black. 

But, there's still signs of life on her IG account. Just a few minutes ago, Miley was caught liking English fashion designer Henry Holland's photo. The photo she liked is of a handwritten poster that says, "Never try to explain yourself to idiots. You're not the f*ckface whisperer."

Liking the photo could be Miley's passive-aggressive way of responding to her fans, who have been demanding an explanation for purging her Instagram feed. But, without any official word from Miley about what's going on, fans have started coming up with explanations of their own. 

Most "smilers" seem to think that Miley's got something major in the works, and wiped her account to generate some buzz. They've even started a "#MileyIsComing" hashtag to tweet their excitement for what the pop star has in store. Fans are referring to Miley's mystery project as "M7" - her seventh studio album. 

#MileyIsComing Glue your wigs on because the main pop girl aka the best exact is coming to save pop music.

July 12, 2018

Miley dropping the lead, debuting at #1 and showing her peers who is the main pop girl like#MileyIsComing

July 12, 2018

Glamour Magazine pointed out that music producers Miike WiLL Made It, Oren Yoel and Andrew Wyatt, who have all worked with Miley in the past, have also blacked out their Twitter headers.

Miley's been posting photos in the studio with producer Andrew Wyatt recently, so we know the connection is legit. 

Rumour has it that the album will feature a collab with Lady Gaga, and will be a return to "Bangerz era Miley" because of her collaboration with Miike WiLL Made It. Fans have somehow come to the conclusion that the album is dropping this Friday, July 20th. 

OMG GUYSSSSSS #MileyIsComing #BeReadyForMiley

July 14, 2018

Miley shared pics of herself at the studio with producer Andrew Wyatt #M7

April 14, 2018

Two months ago, Blake Lively pulled a similar Instagram stunt to promote her upcoming film "A Simple Favor." Just before the movie's premiere date, Blake deleted all of her photos and followed a bunch of girls named Emily Nelson, the name of her character in the film. 

Whatever Miley Cyrus has planned, she's definitely gotten the world's attention.