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Millennial Pink Lattes Are Starbucks' Most Instagrammable Drink Yet

It's gorgeous 😍😍
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Millennial Pink Lattes Are Starbucks' Most Instagrammable Drink Yet

The countdown to Valentine's Day has begun, and that includes pink-ifying everything: Store windows, Tim Hortons donuts, the 'holiday aisle' in every major superstore - everything. 

So if getting into the lovey-dovey spirit around February 14th floats your boat, you'll be glad to know you can now pink-ify one more thing: Your latte. 

Yup, in case it hadn't already happened with the unicorn and mermaid frappuccinos, Starbucks has officially reached #peakmillennial with its new "millennial pink" latte. 

The coffee chain will be offering a limited-edition "Pink Medley Tea Lattes" in honor of Valentine's Day, and they sound just as delicious as they look.

The pink drink is reportedly made with a new Teavana tea blend called Joyful Medley, which blends orange, strawberry, peach, and apple flavours. The latte is prepared with steamed milk and topped with a frothy foam. It's apparently quite sweet, but  made even better if you add white chocolate syrup to the mix. 

You Can Now Get A Millennial Pink Latte At Starbucks, Because 2018

January 24, 2018

Naturally, the adorably shaded beverages are all over the social media feeds of those who have been lucky enough to try them, and dare we say it tops even the unicorn frapp! But something this gorgeous doesn't come without drawback: The latte is only available in Japan.

If you don't happen to have a trip to Asia booked anytime soon, don't fret, because Starbucks Canada has alternatives, and they're just as pretty. Well, almost. 

Behold the ombre pink drink:

The ombré pink drink is one Canadian Starbucks location's take on the brightly-colored beverage that went viral last year. The base of the ombré pink drink is Cool Lime Refresher with coconut milk, topped with a splash of passion iced tea. Shake that baby up and you'll have a millennial pink beverage in no time. 

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