A New Minister Said Hockey Parents Are Usually Middle-Class & The Internet Clapped-Back

She has been unable to provide a definition of "middle-class."
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A New Minister Said Hockey Parents Are Usually Middle-Class & The Internet Clapped-Back

Canada’s brand-new Minister of Middle Class Prosperity is already causing waves on social media this weekend, only days after being officially elevated to cabinet. While MP Mona Fortier has so-far refused to give a clear definition of “middle class,” she did suggest that hockey parents are a good example, which hasn’t gone down too well with some Canadians online.

On Wednesday, Ottawa-Vanier MP Mona Fortier officially accepted her new role in the cabinet: Canada’s first-ever Minister of Middle Class Prosperity. 

Just days in to her role, Fortier has already caused a stir on the internet after she wouldn't provide a clear definition of the middle class, but said that hockey-playing kids is usually "a telltale sign."

On Friday, Fortier made several appearances on radio programs, explaining to presenters that she didn’t actually have an official job description yet. When asked about the definition of “middle class” in Canada, she refused to answer the question.

That said, Fortier did say, “I define the middle class [as] where people feel that they can afford their way of life ... They can, you know, send their kids to play hockey or even have different activities."

The new Minister's comments haven't been received too well online, with several Canadians taking to Twitter to call her out on her references.

One Twitter-user responded to Fortier’s comments by saying, “Well I guess our family is not middle class, our kids weren’t interested in hockey."

Another shared a similar message, asking “Having kids enrolled in hockey is a sign of middle class? Growing up we were considered middle class and there was no way my parents could afford to put me in hockey."

A third added, “She just relegated an entire population that never played hockey or had the means to play hockey to low class status. That hurts."

This is the second time in just a number of weeks that a public figure’s hockey comments have landed them in hot water.

Earlier this month, The Social host Jess Allen upset hockey-lovers across Canada when she referred to hockey players as “white boys who weren’t ... very nice” and “bullies.”

Since then, Allen has faced calls to be fired from CTV, been heavily criticized on social media, and was even called out by a Humboldt Broncos Dad, who asked her “HOW DARE YOU?”

Narcity has reached out to Fortier for a response. The Minister of Middle Class Prosperity is yet to clarify her comments. 

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