Last night, the long-awaited Miss America 2020 aired with dreamy host, Mario Lopez. If you didn't tune in, you still may have heard that Miss Georgia (Victoria Hill) made it to the top two. We congratulate the new Miss America 2.0, Camille Schrier, but Georgians are obviously disappointed that Victoria Hill wasn't crowned Miss America 2020.

The range of women in the 2020 Miss America Pageant was super diverse in lots of ways, and we enjoyed getting to know all the beautiful women, inside and out. 

We jumped (and screamed) each time we heard Victoria Hill was moving on to the next round and we were giddy with pride. Honestly, we still are, because when you look at the glass half full, placing runner-up is one hell of an accomplishment.

She's an ultra passionate sweetheart with a touch of badass; her genuineness shines through every pore. 

Victoria is super dedicated to the foster care system in America and spends much of her time lending her heart to foster children, making them feel loved.

She really spoke to judge Karamo Brown (and made him tear up) because he is also heavily-involved in foster care.

Victoria is not only stunningly gorgeous and kind, she is also an incredible opera singer and she didn't hold back at all last night during her performance. 

Of course, those who call Georgia home (and even others who were rooting for her) are upset Victoria didn't win, and they're using social media to vent about it. 

This disappointed fan is definitely not afraid to speak her mind. "I’m sorry. Not only was #MissGeorgia robbed, but #MissAmerica is invalid. They have taken something once so grand and turned it into something unrecognizable. Don’t even bother in 2021," she says. 

Dang girl, tell us how you really feel.

Some are implying that her foster care initiatives would likely have a greater impact than science (Camille's passion).

This Miss Georgia advocate tweets, "Wow @MissAmerica picked Virginia. I wanted Miss georgia bc her platform would still make an impact. Not knocking science at all. Her personality & passion for Foster care."

Even though she didn't win first place, she is a total winner in Georgia's eyes (and we can at least brag about Georgia hosting Miss Universe this year).

No matter what, she made an impact last night, and this tweet says it all. 

Hopefully, we will see Victoria in the running again next year.

While we are on the subject of girl power, Georgia just officially approved girl's football state-wide.

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