Not all missing person cases have happy endings, but thankfully, this one does. The two missing girls in Algonquin Park were found this week in what is considered the best possible outcome for the situation. The three-day search for 16-year-old Marta Malek and Maya Mirota came to an end on Monday when the OPP’s canine unit discovered the pair just before noon.

The search party for the girls involved many moving parts, but as far as the internet is concerned, it’s all about the nose that found them.

The dog responsible for finding the lost teens, a Labrador retriever named Zoe, received all kinds of love on social media this Tuesday for her excellent work:

According to a report by CBC, Zoe and her handler officer Scott Gannon of the OPP Canine Unit were just two members of the Emergency Response Team. The team, made up one of the four Search and Rescue dog teams, had been flown in on float planes to help.

However, out all of the other rescue dogs, it was Zoe who showed notable signs that she had picked up the girl’s scent.

"That's what you want to look for when the dogs acquire a track. There's a physical cue or a difference in their behaviour," explained Gannon during an interview with CBC.Malek and Mirota were found safe and in good physical condition.

"They were very excited and happy to see us, and we were the same way," Gannon said. "They both gave us hugs." Of course, they were also excited to see Zoe, asking if they could pet their rescuer."

I mean, do rescue stories get any more heartwarming? Everyone was found safe. It only took a few days to locate the girls, which is a miracle in itself and an adorable hero dog was involved. It doesn't get any better than that!

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