Woman Who Disappeared From A Quebec Theatre Almost 2 Years Ago Was Just Found In Ontario

She had "excellent" fake IDs.
Missing Quebec Woman Found In Ontario After Almost 2 Years

People can't just disappear completely. However, they can sometimes get close to never being seen again. A missing Quebec woman was found in Ontario after last being seen back in 2018.

Longueuil Police detailed the story in a Facebook post (translated from French), beginning with how the woman, Jame-Laura May, went missing in the first place.

She had been attending a movie at a theatre with her mother on October 13, 2018, according to the Ottawa Citizen. She left before the film ended and never came back. May also left without daily medication that she was required to take.

The 26-year-old was found on May 22 in Windsor, Ontario. A local police officer had recognized one of her tattoos thanks to information shared with other provincial authorities and media outlets by Longueuil Police.

May had apparently been using "excellent quality" fake identification to keep from being found.

One of the investigating officers, Sergeant-Detective Eric Déry, had suspected this might be how she was evading authorities. He later discovered that a friend of hers was known for creating fake IDs.

According to the Longueuil Police, the woman was in a state of distress when she was found. When she disappeared, she had been under mental health confinement orders

The Facebook post concluded by reminding people how important it is to pay attention to missing person reports, especially the small details.

"We encourage you to remember features that could identify the person, whether it's a scar, clothing, or as in this case, a simple tattoo," it reads.

According to the Windsor Star, the Montreal-based charitable group the Sun Youth Organization had offered $3,000 last year for information about May's location.

The notice had also said that it was possible she could have been the victim of sexual exploitation.

No information was provided about what the woman had been doing for the 20 months that she had been missing.

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