A close call had a happy ending after two horseback riders found a missing Saskatchewan boy in a mud pit. According to sources, he was found after several volunteers heard him giggling. If it wasn't for the child's laughter, people could still be searching for him. 

According to CBC News, a two-year-old boy was missing from a property in a rural area near Aneroid, Saskatchewan. At around 9 p.m., people realized he was gone. 

The missing child had allegedly been playing in a farmyard at a family gathering north of town when he disappeared. Through security footage, the family discovered that he left the yard.

Police were called and dogs, along with remote-controlled technology, were used to find the toddler — although search efforts were all unsuccessful. 

According to CBC News, a couple, Bailee Switzer and her boyfriend Wyatt Eirikson, offered to help look for the boy. After searching for about an hour on horseback, they had no luck.

But that didn't stop the couple. Switzer spoke with CBC News and stated that they traveled to a grassy area. It had such deep mud that the horses had to walk along the edge to avoid getting stuck. All of a sudden, the volunteers heard a giggling noise coming from the ground. 

Switzer said they looked down to see a pile of blonde hair. Turns out, it was the missing boy!

According to Switzer, the boy was standing upright but was in a very deep and muddy hole. Switzer stated that the mud was up to the boy's neck when they found him. 

On top of that, the mud hole was reportedly in a wheat field that was about three feet high — no wonder no one could find the boy!

The toddler did not cry during the rescue and was reportedly alert and talking to the volunteers. Although Switzer did not know the child personally, she told CBC News that she felt like crying when they found him safe and sound. 

This isn't the first wild rescue story that Canada has seen recently. Earlier in July, a 4-year-old BC girl was found in Europe after being kidnapped three years ago.