Governor Mike Parson announced Wednesday during his daily briefing that almost all businesses can reopen in Missouri and will be able to open their doors starting May 4. The state's current stay-at-home order expires May 3 after being extended from April 24. The announcement that the majority of Missouri businesses would be able to reopen early May was made in light of recent data that is "encouraging" to Parson. 

According to recent data that Parson has received, he feels that the state of Missouri will soon be in a place where they can safely reopen the majority of businesses.

"Almost every business in the state of Missouri will be able to open their doors," said Parson. "People will be able to go back to work."

However, he did not specify during his announcement the exact types of businesses that will be reopening.

Despite the announcement that Missouri businesses will be reopening come May 4, Parson made it clear that social distancing practices will still be in place.

"I think there will be guidelines for that, how many people can be in groups," said Parson. "Social distancing will be key moving forward."

Kansas City will not have the same green light as other Missouri cities, and neither will St. Louis.

Kansas City's stay-at-home order is in place until May 15 and St. Louis's is in place indefinitely.

Parson retweeted an article earlier today from The RGA announcing Missouri being on track to begin reopening within two weeks.

Parson tweeted yesterday, "At a time when Missourians are coming together like never before, there are still some who want to use this crisis to divide us.

"No matter where you live in our great state, in rural or urban communities, Missourians are known for our hard work, grit, and determination."