'Modern Family' Is Now Streaming On Netflix Canada & It’s The Laugh We All Deserve

The streaming service also added 'New Girl'!
Modern Family

Looks like you won’t be leaving your couch anytime soon! As if all the original shows and movies that Netflix has been putting out aren’t tempting enough, the streaming service has now also added Modern Family to its content library, giving you the perfect weekend spent inside.

If you’re not familiar with the hit sitcom, it’s a mockumentary-style show about three families from California whose lives are intertwined. The patriarch of the whole clan is Jay Pritchett. His son Mitchell is married to another man named Cam, and his daughter Claire is married to Phil, with whom she has three kids.

Jay himself has recently remarried a much younger woman named Gloria, who has a son named Manny from a previous relationship. Needless to say, this family tree is incredibly complicated, but it makes for some seriously hilarious moments.

Modern Family was on the air for a total of 11 seasons, with the series finale airing just last month on April 8. The ending was incredibly emotional not only for the cast and creators but also for long-time fans of the hit series.

On the bright side, you’ll now be able to relive your favourite moments from the show on Netflix!

As if all of this isn’t exciting enough, the streaming service has also added another popular show to its lineup—New Girl.

The series stars Zooey Deschanel as Jess, a young woman who finds herself living with a quirky group of three single men after going through a horrible breakup. Although her new roommates find Jess to be a bit unusual, they still support her—most of the time, anyways.

The entirety of either show isn’t available for streaming quite yet, although six out of seven seasons of New Girl and eight out of 11 seasons of Modern Family are ready and waiting for you to watch.

If you happen to make it through both of those series, Netflix also has a stacked lineup of brand new original shows and movies coming throughout the month of May including Hollywood, The Half Of It, The Wrong Missy, and Space Force.

If you want to know more about Modern Family before you commit to streaming the hit sitcom, you can check out the trailer for season one below.