Moncton Makes Its Own Municipal Brand Of Maple Syrup & You Can Visit Its Sugar Shack

It's the only municipality in Canada to make its own syrup.
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Moncton Maple Syrup Is A City-Owned Brand & You Can Visit Its Sugar Shack For Tastings

It's the 20th anniversary of something very sweet and very special that's been happening in New Brunswick. Thanks to a forest of sugar maples, the Moncton maple syrup is able to flow and it's actually a city-owned brand. You can also visit the sugar shack where it all gets made and even get a taste of the sweet treat yourself.

For 20 years now, the Atlantic city has been making its own brand of maple syrup and doling out the sugary treat to visitors and residents alike.

In a forest just outside of the city, there are miles of lines connected to more than 2,000 tapped trees that carry the sap that then gets made into the sugary sweet syrup.

Heather Fraser, a forester for the city, told Narcity that the city completely operates the sugar woods where the trees are that make Take Moncton Home, the syrup brand.

Fraser started the project all the way back in 2000 when she came across rusty old sap pails and evaporator equipment in the woods.

Now, Moncton's Maple Sugar Camp is a springtime tradition.

When you visit you get to see how the sap gets turned into different kinds of 100% pure maple products like syrup along with taste testing the delicious treats.

Plus, admission is free.

There is also a Pails to Pipeline tour at the shack that teaches the history of maple camps, which specific trees are tapped, how to cook with maple and its health benefits.

Fraser said that there's "taste testing along the way from tree to your table."

You even get a free cookbook.

The Maple Sugar Camp is open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily from early March through to mid-April depending on the weather.

Moncton is actually the only municipality in all of Canada to have its own brand of maple syrup.

They bought the land back in the '60s but nobody realized it was a sugar woods forest capable of producing sap for all kinds of deliciously sweet maple products.

Maple syrup is one of the many things that our country is known for and it's so popular that a Canadian tennis player actually drank it straight from the bottle during a match.

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