We hope you’re ready to work because you can now apply for hundreds of sweet summer jobs in Alberta. On the Government of Canada website, there are tons of Alberta summer jobs being posted and applications are now being accepted. There are more than 1,500 positions available all over the province. Many of the jobs have great pay, so you might want to fire those applications off as soon as you can. 

Whether you find yourself unemployed or just looking for a cool summer gig, these jobs have got you covered. 

All of the listings have been posted on the Government of Canada website, and there are literally hundreds in Alberta alone. 

To be exact, there are 1,674 job postings for the province right now. 

Throughout all of Canada, there are 13,320 job opportunities. So if you have friends throughout Canada, be sure to send them the goods, so everyone can get those paychecks. 

Even Justin Trudeau said to tell your friends, so now you have to do it. 

The jobs range in industry and pay but they are all amazing. Some of them even pay up to $24 an hour. 

From work as a landscaper to a research assistantship at the University of Alberta, there is something for every type of interest and experience. 

All you need to do to check out the jobs is visit the Government of Canada website

Take your time going through them to make sure you find the perfect fit for you. 

If you are more into physical labour, then something like a roofing contractor job in Spruce Grove or a farm labourer job in Edmonton might be more up your alley. 

If kids are your thing, or you want to be a teacher one day, try being a camp leader at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. 

There are other jobs that could help you with your future career. A legal assistant job has been posted in Calgary that not only has good pay but will offer hands-on experience that can benefit you in the future, should you have an interest in a career in law. 

There are even jobs that will directly help in the fight against COVID-19 by providing essential services. 

If you’re looking for jobs in a certain geographical area, all you need to do is filter your search for a specific region. 

While many of the jobs are hiring multiple people, once word gets out, the jobs could go fast, so we suggest applying ASAP.

The government understands that looking for a job at this time can be very difficult. If you're a student who's unable to find work, the Canada Emergency Student Benefit fund is accepting applications starting Friday, May 15. 

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