B.C. Ferries has just been rated as a top employer in the province for the fourth year in a row. Luckily for anyone on the job hunt, they're hiring right now. If you're in the market for a job with B.C. Ferries, now is the time to spruce up that resume.

The editors of Canada's Top 100 Employers rely on an extensive selection of factors to compile their list of the top employers in the country, or in this case, the province.

The criteria include physical workplace, work and social atmosphere, and health and family benefits, amongst others.

So what makes B.C. Ferries so special? Outside of their pretty sweet vacation packages, as outlined on their website, they are being recognized for their extremely generous employee benefits. 

According to Canada's Top 100, the company provides its employees up to ten personal days off in order to "take the time they need to recharge," with additional days off as part of their "formally earned days off program."

This means if you're willing to work your butt off, there are some awesome extra vacation days waiting for you. You might not even have to leave B.C. to travel to some incredible destinations while taking your time off. 

They also promote their employees' physical and mental well-being by subsidizing the cost of gym memberships, golf lessons, bicycles.

The company also encourages group initiatives such as marathons, in-office meditation,  and hiking trips up the Grouse Grind

B.C. Ferries also helps out employees in planning their retirement savings by setting up a solid pension plan.

As of now, the company is hiring right now for a whole variety of positions. 

This hiring page gives you a idea of the type of positions they have available at the moment. Whether you're an engineer, electrician, mechanic, analyst, or a master of the ship, they've got room for you. 

They are also hiring for a number of season positions including deckhands, attendants, customer service associates, and ticket agents. 

So whether you like being on ferries or working behind a computer, they can probably hook you up.

Other top employers included in the list are Victoria Airport Authority, ICBC, the University of British Columbia, the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, BC Hydro, and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

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