If you’d like to apply for possibly the most Canadian job ever, look no further. The Ontario Government is hiring a maple syrup producer right now, and there’s serious bucks to be made! Even better, you don’t need any specific education to apply and experience isn’t necessary.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new job or exploring a career change, perhaps a job in the maple syrup industry could be for you.

The Ontario Government is currently recruiting a maple syrup producer, and they’re prepared to pay a lot of money to the right person.

In a job listing shared on September 4, Ontario Public Service shared the requirements of the position.

It’s located in Guelph, so you’ll need to be based around that area, and you’ll need to speak English and be comfortable working outside.

Other than that, there’s no essential criteria!

No specific education is required at all for this position, according to the job listing, and while experience is advantageous, it’s not listed as crucial.

That said, Ontario Public Service is looking for somebody who is flexible, organized and who has strong values and ethics.

In addition, the ideal candidate should have good interpersonal skills, confident communication skills and be a team player. 

As the work site will be outdoors and in a rural area, every candidate is expected to be comfortable outside and working with trees.

While not too much information has been shared about the specifics of the role, the government agency is prepared to pay the right candidate a lot of money.

The salary is listed as $1,452.79 per week, which is for 36.25 hours of work.

This works out to be approximately $40 per hour! Not bad, eh?

Maple Syrup Producer

Salary: $1,452.79 per week

Company: Ontario Public Service

Why You Should Apply: If you're interested in working with maple syrup, and would like to earn approximately $40 per hour, this could be the job for you! 

Apply Here

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