If you're built like a Toronto Raptor, you might have a chance to earn some extra cash next week. A Toronto casting call will pay you to stand in as a body double for Chris Boucher and all you need to do is send them some photos. The shoot is happening on March 6, so start working on your portfolio. 

The casting call on eBoss Canada states that they are looking for someone who closely resembles the Raptors player. This means that you must be 6'9 and around 200 pounds. 

"He is very lanky," the ad reads. "We need to get as close as we can to matching him up."

So if your friends are often telling you that you look like Boucher, then you might want to apply. They are accepting talent from all over Ontario. 

The application process is super easy. You just need to fill out your personal info such as your name and contact, as well as a headshot, body shot, and your resume. 

They also ask for a video link or a demo reel, but these are optional. If you have one, it may help you stand out among the competition.

The pay rate is negotiable, so you may be able to bargain for a great price. 


Start sorting through your best profile pics or get your friend to do a photoshoot for you.

This could be a great opportunity for any Boucher look-alikes who want to make some extra cash.


The commercial will be for Hellman's Mayo, and is being shot at the Scotiabank Arena.

However, the shoot will only be one day long, so you won't be a Raptors look-alike forever. 

If you don't find yourself resembling Boucher, Toronto offers a variety of other casting calls. 

This month one ad was asking people to come and do loads of laundry for a sum of $6,000.

Another recent casting call paid people $3,000 to eat wings

Boucher Look-Alike

Company: MANN Casting 

Why You Should Apply: Make some extra cash by filling in for one of the Toronto Raptors. 

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