Last week an amber alert was put in place in search of Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou, a 10-year-old boy that went missing from Ahuntis-Cartierville, Quebec. After two days, the amber alert was lifted and we explained why the alert was lifted.

Montreal police are still avidly looking for the young boy, but so far his disappearance remains a mystery. They have been encouraging everyone to come forward that has any knowledge of his whereabouts. He was last seen on Monday, March 12th. He was walking to a friends home when he went missing.

Via YouTube/The Canadian Press

Due to his timid demeanour, his parents believe that he wouldn't wonder anyway with a stranger and that he must have been abducted. The Montreal police completed door-to-door searches within a 400-metre radius of where Ariel was last seen but haven't been successful in locating him yet.

Today, Montreal Police announced that they plan to expand the search perimeter. Police spokesperson Andrée-Anne Picard stated, "We want to give ourselves the highest chance and hope possible to find clues that progress the investigation".

Via YouTube/The Canadian Press

Over 100 volunteers gathered this past weekend to search for Ariel. Picard says that more volunteers will assist in the police's expanded search today. 

The distraught family announced that they would offer $10,000 to anyone with information about Ariel's whereabouts. A famous boxer from Montreal, Adonis Stevenson reached out and donated $15,000 to the reward money, in hopes that a grand reward would encourage anyone with information to come forward. The reward is now $25,000. 

Via YouTube/The Canadian Press

Stevenson spoke at a press conference today and encouraged everyone to share Ariel's photo on social media to circulate his image and name. 

If anyone has information about Ariel's whereabouts, please call Info-Crime at (514) 393-1133. 

Source: CBC