Montreal Just Beat Out Toronto As One Of The World's Best Places To Move

Though the winter has people divided.
Montreal Just Beat Out Toronto As One Of The World's Best Places To Move
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Canada has some pretty great cities and one of them is getting international recognition for being such a great place to live. It turns out that one of the best places to live in the world is Montreal. The city was ranked in the top five of the best cities in the world to live and work in.

Montreal is Quebec's biggest city but nowhere near the biggest city in Canada. That hasn't stopped it from cementing its place as a great place for people to come live and work.

The annual Expat City Ranking by the social networking site InterNations placed Montreal as the fifth-best city in the world for expats to live and work in.

The yearly poll ranks how expats rate life in 82 cities around the world and this year Montreal did exceptionally well.

"Montreal outranks the other Canadian cities in several areas: it is the best Canadian city in the urban work life, local cost of living and finance and housing indices," the ranking stated.

While the city beat out a lot of other cities to get fifth-best and is the only Canadian city in the top 10, it was bested by Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore.

This ranking has a lot of surprises when it comes to which cities are the best and the worst for people to move to.

Montreal was ranked higher than a lot of big and popular cities around the world like New York City, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris and Melbourne.

In fact, New York City, Los Angeles and Paris were all ranked in the bottom 10 and are considered the be some of the worst cities for people to live and work in.

According to expats, one of the best things about Montreal is housing affordability with 62 percent of them rating it positively.

Almost four in five, about 79 percent, said it was easy for expats to find housing in Montreal.

While there are a lot of great things about Montreal like bagels, amazing architecture and beautiful natural landscapes, some expats living in the city are not too fond of the weather.

"The weather is a hassle," said one expat from Brazil while one from Venezuela said that, "winter is too long and cold."

Only four Canadian cities were part of this year's ranking because for a city to be featured, there needed to be a sample size of at least 50 expats participating per city.

You might've thought that Toronto or Vancouver would be the best in Canada but both are ranked really low.

After Montreal taking home fifth spot, then there's Calgary which was ranked 19th, followed by Toronto in the 39th spot and Vancouver in 55th.

With only 82 cities in the ranking, Vancouver is pretty low on the list.

Other Canadian cities should look towards Montreal as an example of how to impress people moving to Canada to work and live.

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