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You Can Get Free Bubble Tea At The Opening Of The Alley In Montreal This Weekend

Bubble tea lovers can finally get this cult favourite in Montreal 😍

Attention to all bubble tea fans in Montreal! A popular chain is opening their first ever Quebec location and you can get free bubble tea at The Alley in Montreal this weekend. The Alley has been opening locations across Canada this year and we're definitely welcoming their chewy, sweet boba pearls with open arms.

The Alley was a pioneer of brown sugar infused tapioca pearls that they call "deerioca pearls" to match with their deer logo. They're slow-cooked in caramelly brown sugar lava before they're added to your bubble tea!

The Alley is also famous for its colourful Aurora Series drinks. Perfect for summer, these refreshing and unique sips are insanely colourful! Inspired by the colours of the dawn and the Northern Lights, these drinks will actually change colour as you shake them because they've got butterfly pea flower tea inside.

There are now over 15 locations of The Alley in Canada and this latest addition in Montreal is going to delight all bubble tea fans in the city. The Alley's locations usually have a very  aesthetically pleasing interior design, so it's sure to be a cute and cozy hang out in Montreal for years to come.

You can get 10% off all drinks from The Alley between Wednesday, July 17 and Friday, July 19. Their official opening weekend is on Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21. For both of those days, they'll give out 100 free drinks at 3 PM. Plus, you'll be able to get 15% off a few of their speciality drinks as well on the opening weekend. 

The Alley

Price: 💸, free drinks at 3 PM on opening weekend

Cuisine: Bubble Tea

Address: 1256 Rue Guy St, Montreal 

Why you need to go: Snag a free bubble tea at the opening of the first Montreal location of The Alley!