Montreal's La Ronde Will Be Completely Taken Over By Terrifying Monsters Next Month

And there will be nowhere to hide! 🧛🧟
Fright Fest At La Ronde
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This fall, La Ronde will be taken over by zombies and ghouls. That's right ⁠— this Halloween Fright Fest is returning to La Ronde in Montreal, and it's going to be even more terrifying! After dark, you'll be able to visit this amusement park which transforms into a bone-chilling haunt site on select days from Oct. 5 to 27, 2019.

Each night during Fright Fest, monsters run loose after the sun goes down. When you visit La Ronde during this time, there will be no place to hide from these creatures that are straight out of your nightmares. This is one Halloween event in Montreal you don't want to miss.

At La Ronde during Fright Fest, you can find a zombie camp, a vampire lair, ghouls, demons, and more. Also, to up the scare factor, there will be men running around with chain saws! So get ready to scream!

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For this frightful event, there will be several haunted houses and scare zones throughout the park. New this year is Evil Circus 3D, where you can test your courage and explore an eerie old funhouse that has crazy clowns.

If that doesn't sound frightening enough, for Fright Fest, La Ronde's famous roller coasters will have their thrill factor amped up. You can expect all the rides at Fright Fest to be designed to scare you!

If you're brave enough, you need to visit Fright Fest this October. One-day tickets are available on La Ronde's website, and some of the haunted attractions require you to buy separate Fright Pass wristbands.

Fright Fest At La Ronde

Price: Price currently unlisted

When: Select days from Oct. 5 to 27, 2019

Address: La Ronde, 22 Macdonald Road, Montreal, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: Explore this Montreal amusement park with zombies and ghouls running around to terrify you!

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Stephanie White
Staff Writer