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Greta Thunberg's Justin Trudeau Comments At The Montreal Climate Strike Were Unexpected

Greta Thunberg has captured the attention of Canadians as she joins the official Climate Strike in Montreal. Speaking ahead of the march today, the young activist likely also captured the attention of politicians when she called them out. Greta Thunberg's Justin Trudeau comments directly called out the Prime Minister, saying he isn't doing enough. 

After delivering a fiery speech to the crowds gathered in Montreal, Thunberg opened the floor to questions from the press. When asked by reporters what she thought about Justin Trudeau, Thunberg was vague at first saying, "I try not to focus so much on individuals."  

However, despite focusing on the global climate issue she couldn't resist commenting on Canada's leader specifically. Thunberg said, "[Trudeau] has a lot of responsibility, and he's, of course, not doing enough." 

After calling out the Liberal Party leader directly, Thunberg then pivoted her comments back to the bigger picture, saying once more that "this is a huge problem, this is a system that is wrong." 

Thunberg then urged Trudeau and other leaders to listen to the science and act on it. This comes just a week after Thunberg gave a passionate speech at the United Nations calling out the world's leaders for failing to act on climate change sooner and putting their hopes on children like her. 

In a campaign stop in Montreal, also ahead of the climate marches today, Justin Trudeau responded to Greta's comments, saying "I'm listening." He went on to say that "young people are counting on us to act."

The comments came as part of a promise from the Liberal Party that if elected, they would plant 2 billion trees in Canada. Trudeau says the trees will help to absorb extra carbon in the air. He went on to say that if his promise "seems ambitious and bold, that's because it is." 

Following his announcement, Trudeau was asked specifically how he feels about the comments Greta Thunberg made about him and surprisingly he said he agrees. "Well, first of all, I recognize, and I said this directly to Greta, that we have to do more" Trudeau told reporters. 

He went on to describe his meeting with the activist, saying "I thanked her for the amount of people that her call to action has mobilized." He also described her as "tremendously passionate about the fight she is engaged in." 

Trudeau is joining Greta Thunberg and numerous other young people in Montreal as part of the climate strikes and marches occurring across the country today. 

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