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Justin Trudeau Protestors At The Climate March Are Not Holding Back

While the country is captivated by climate strikes and marches some people are taking advantage of the situation to protest against Canada's current Prime Minister as he joined the strike in Montreal. Justin Trudeau protestors at the climate march couldn't hold back from chants against the leader but one protestor took it a step too far. 

CBC News reported that Trudeau's RCMP security detail at the march had to tackle one protestor who got too close to Trudeau. Reportedly, the man lunged at the leader while they were marching. In a photo captured by the Canadian press, the man was tackled to the ground and is being held down by two security guards. It's reported that this man had a small container of eggs with him, suggesting he wanted to egg the prime minister. 

While that was that most severe case reported from the march so far, the egg man was not alone in his opposition to Trudeau. Many others at the march got involved with chants such as "Trudeau Must Go" and "No Pipelines" and one person reportedly called out "Trudeau is a climate criminal" as the Liberal leader marched by. 

However, it seems that Team Trudeau might have been anticipating this kind of trouble at the event. CBC also reported that he had a large security detail with him as he marched. 

More to come...

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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