Justin Trudeau & Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Are Getting Sentimental On Instagram

The sweet interaction has gotten mixed reactions.
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Justin Trudeau & Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Are Getting Sentimental On Instagram

It's been a year since Justin Trudeau and Antoni Porowski marched in Montreal's Pride parade but they're both still as excited about it as they were last year. The pair interacted over Instagram last night, reminiscing about that day and their feelings about pride in Canada. It was a true, feel-good, all Canadian moment. 

The Montreal-born Queer Eye star posted a photo to his Instagram from last year's Montreal Pride parade where he marched with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In his caption, Porowski said, "One year later and still just as proud."

Trudeau responded by commenting that he feels the same way and, "Last year, this year, next year, every year - I’m proud to live in this country and will always work to make it even more inclusive."

Exactly one year ago today, Trudeau and Porowski took part in Montreal Pride, walking together along with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and a sea of others participating in the festivities. 

Trudeau is no stranger to pride parades, he even made history back in 2016 by being the first prime minister to attend and march in Toronto's Pride parade. 

Last year, in another Instagram post about Montreal pride, also featuring Trudeau, Porowski said he's, "Proud to be a Canadian and grateful for the freedom to walk with pride, safely."

He then went on to thank Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada.

The reaction to Porowski's throwback pride post from yesterday, however, was all over the place. The photo has garnered over half a million likes and thousands of comments, which show just how mixed the reaction is.

For instance, one user commented, "Now that is a mother fuckin' leader!!!!!" while another said, "Two amazing men and role models in one photo."

On the other side of the spectrum, many fans are responding with how much they hate Trudeau. For example, one user commented, "Love you - despise him!" Meanwhile, many others took the opportunity to call out the government's ethics or treatment of indigenous people. 

Despite the mixed reaction to the post, Porowski and Trudeau's interaction was a nice moment of Canadian camaraderie and of course, pride. 

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