Kids say the darndest things, don't they? Not all of them get to share their thoughts with millions of people, though. That was the case with Montreal Canadiens player Jeff Petry's son, Boyd, who got mic'd up during a game. 

At just four years old, Boyd obviously has a lot of energy. He starts off by giving his dad their secret handshake: high five, fist bump, and rock and roll.

Then onto the snacks. 

"I want cotton candy," Boyd says to his mom. Sometimes what we want out of life seems so simple, doesn't it?

After getting his "yummy" cotton candy, Boyd's mom tells him that he should share. "Why?" Boyd asks, unsure of why he can't just have the entire bag of sugar to himself.

During the pre-game, Boyd even had a picture he drew of his dad put up on the big screen, and he could barely contain his excitement.

"Everyone is looking at my picture!" Boyd exclaims, "They love it."

When the boy's mom asks him if he misses his dad, who has taken to the ice for warm-up, he says "I miss him so much." Soon, his attention is back to the cotton candy, though.

However, his mom tells him that he can only have some after the national anthem, and it's this moment that could melt any heart.

Cotton candy firmly grasped in hand, Boyd stands proud and sings along with "O Canada."

The ultimate betrayal, though, comes during the game, when Petry's own son, his flesh and blood, says he wants the Florida Panthers to score.

Why does he want them to score? "Because I love that team," he answers.

After the Hab's Suzuki scores a goal, Boyd covers his ears (hockey games do get pretty loud), but immediately perks up when they start playing his favourite song. 

At the end of the game, Boyd wants to give everyone fist bumps, but can't understand why they have to shower. Yet another lesson that will be learned in due time.

The young fan wasn't the only one to prove that when kids and hockey get combined, the results can often be pretty hilarious. Just like Boyd, a dad mic'd up his four-year-old son during his own practice and went completely viral.