A four-month-old infant succumbed on Wednesday night to injuries sustained after they were run over by a car at a local drive-in theatre in Montreal. The family was enjoying a movie at Ciné-Parc Boucherville when the infant and a tent were run over by another driver. No charges are expected to be laid at this time. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes: descriptions of a fatal accident. 

According to CBC, the parents and the infant were out watching a movie at the local drive-thru, Ciné-Parc Boucherville, a local drive-in movie theatre on Montreal’s south shore.

As the movie came to an end at around 11:30 p.m.,  the parents of the four-month-old infant were packing up their vehicle when the incident occurred. It was reported that the parents were gathering their lawn chairs into their vehicle, leaving their baby sleeping in a small tent as they did so. 

Police told Global that the small tent was placed on the ground behind the parent's vehicle during this time. However, as cars began to leave the theatre, the car next to the parents reportedly backed up and rolled over the infant and tent. 

Witness Jean Simon Lavoie recalled to CBC that he was made aware of the incident after he heard people screaming. He told CBC, "I've never seen anything like this."

It was reported that first aid was conducted on the infant shortly after the incident, but it was not successful. 

Paramedics were rushed to the scene and the infant was transported to a nearby hospital. Police state that it was there the infant succumbed to their injuries. 

Longueuil Police informs CBC that they are still investigating the incident, however, police believe that the incident was accidental and no criminal activity was involved in the tragic incident. Police state that while they are still investigating the issue, it is suspected that no charges will be laid on the driver. 

The driver of the vehicle, the parents of the infant, and first responders are all being treated for shock following this horrific accident.