Canada Gets Around 11 Earthquakes A Day & Montreal Got A Big One Last Night

The 3.3 magnitude quake surprised the city.
Montreal Earthquake Has People shook But They Are More Common Than You Think

Some Quebec residents were feeling a little shaken up this morning. A Montreal earthquake gave people a surprise, but they're actually more common in Canada than you might think. In fact, they happen daily.

Montreal's 3.3 magnitude quake, which occurred at 3:22 AM Eastern time, was notable, but according to Natural Resources Canada, would have only been "lightly felt," as reported by CTV News.

They also noted that this is actually the seventh earthquake to hit Quebec this year, and it's only March.

Apparently, though, that's not out of the ordinary.

The Geological Survey of Canada records roughly 4000 earthquakes in the country every single year. On average, that's about 11 a day.

Despite those high numbers, most Canadians don't even register the vibrations. Only about 50 can be felt every year.

The province that's most likely to feel an earthquake is British Columbia, while Manitoba is the least likely to experience one.

Still, they do occur in other regions like the Ottawa and St. Lawrence valleys, New Brunswick, and off the coast of Newfoundland.

Despite how common earthquakes are, people in Montreal were still a little bit shook up by the early morning occurrence. They shared their surprise on Twitter.

"So I'm just expected to fall back asleep after experiencing some kind of #explosion and #earthquake in Montreal?" wrote @regretfulminds.

"OH Yeah even forgot to mention. Had an earthquake in Montreal last night, I thought my fridge at fallen over. Luckly no damage to the house Usually pets feel those things before we do.. not my cats they were sound asleep #earthquake" wrote @Bast50. 

Earlier in the week, Nova Scotia residents experienced aftershocks from a magnitude 2.6 earthquake that occurred on Sunday.

They were still feeling the vibrations up until Tuesday.

The next time you feel the Earth shaking, don't panic. It's just one of the thousands of earthquakes Canada will get this year.