Montreal is an amazing city here in Canada that brings amazing art, culture, and nightlife together all in one spot. You can find some of the best festivals in the country, a crazy delicious foodie scene, and some of the coolest places to go out all here in Montreal. 

But another thing Montreal is known for is their stunning museums. There are museums dedicated to fine arts, history, astronomy, science and so much more! In order to celebrate these amazing museums the city of Montreal hosts an annual Montreal Museums Day and this year, over 30 museums will be completely free to enter!

Montreal Museums Day will be held on Sunday, May 26th and 31 of the museums across the city will be open and free to enter all day long. There is a huge list of museums on the Musée Montreal website but popular ones like the Biosphere, Musée Mccord, Musée des Beaux-Arts, and more are all on the list! 

Over 100 exhibitions at these 31 different museums are free and open to the public on this day. Just imagine how much you can see and learn about!

But seeing amazing exhibits at tons of your favourite Montreal museums isn't the only thing Museums Day has to offer. There will also be tons of artists performing across the city! We don't know exactly what they have planned but it sounds pretty exciting. 

There will also be free shuttle buses and BIXI bikes offered to museum-goers for the Sunday so you can easily go from museum to museum and see as much as possible.

Check out their website for more information and a full list of museums!