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Canadian Student Says She'll Make 7 Figures On OnlyFans In 2021 After Famous Flashing Pic

Apparently, the controversy is paying off.

A student of L'Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Helene Boudreau, was recently in hot water with her university after posting racy graduation photos showing part of her breasts while holding a UQAM diploma on social media.

She and the institution recently reached an out-of-court settlement, according to MTL Blog. Now, Boudreau has spoken out about her rise to internet fame following the controversy. 

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Kamala Harris Opened Up To Justin Trudeau About Her 'Teenage Years' In Canada

"I have fond memories..." she said.

In a recent meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, American Vice President Kamala Harris opened up about her “teenage years” in Canada.

The two spoke face-to-face for the first time as leaders (alongside President Joe Biden) last week, although the meeting was virtual due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Grimes Got A Huge Canadian Grant Despite Living In The US With Billionaire Elon Musk

She's worth $3 million too.

A Canadian musician scored a major arts grant from Canada and it comes with a price tag of over $90,000

Now for some Canadians, this would be good news... if the recipient wasn't famous singer/songwriter Grimes, who is the partner of a total mega-billionaire.

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Beatrice Bouchard Burned Her Own Face While Partying In Montreal (PHOTOS)

Beware of sparklers!

Sometimes parties get a little too lit. The twin sister of famous Quebec tennis player Eugénie Bouchard, Beatrice Bouchard, learned that the hard way. The influencer celebrated her 26th birthday at the end of February and took home an unwanted souvenir from the night.

To make the most of her big day, Beatrice Bouchard, who has 377,000 followers on Instagram invited her friends and fans to join her at Old Montreal's Auberge Saint-Gabriel for a huge party. 

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The Ace Family’s Catherine Paiz Was Born In Montreal & Misses The Poutine

She played hockey as a child!

The family pranksters from California actually have a tie to Canada. The Ace Family's Catherine Paiz comes from Montreal and often talks about her Canadian childhood. She even shared that she misses the poutine she ate while living in her French hometown!

Paiz was born on August 24, 1990, in Montreal but moved to Miami as a young child. 

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8 Things You Need To Know About Cassandre, The Stuntwoman Behind The Bus In Montreal

This wasn't even her most dangerous stunt!

There has been some serious buzz surrounding a 19-year-old Montreal woman since Saturday, February 8. Cassandre Thomas held onto the bumper of a running STM bus and was dragged down the street. The Montreal bus stuntwoman shared it on social media with the caption “When you miss the bus.” The video quickly went viral. The footage shows her being dragged by the bus without any protection apart from regular street clothing.

In an interview with Narcity, Cassandre Thomas explained that the stunt was just one among many others. The STM bus dragging, which sparked controversy in Quebec, was not Cassandre’s most dangerous stunt to date.

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