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Montreal Is Hosting A Massive Pizza Festival This Fall & You Can Vote For Your Faves

Who doesn't love a cheesy slice of delicious pizza? 🍕

Pizza is one of the best foods in the world! Who doesn't love a cheesy slice of delicious pizza? For many, it's the ultimate comfort food. So for all you pizza lovers out there, you won't want to miss Pizza Fest in Montreal this fall!

Pizza Fest is back for its third year and will take place for two weeks. From September 11 to 24, you'll be able to discover the best pizza in the city!

The pizza festival will take place in Montreal and Quebec City, with more than 60 participating restaurants each making a special pizza for the event! All the different venues will be competing to make the best pizza.

During Pizza Fest, you'll be invited to visit the participating restaurants and try their unique pizzas. Then you can head to the Pizza Fest's website to vote for your favourite pizza.

Currently, some of the participating restaurants have already been announced on the Pizza Fest website. To help you easily find all the Pizza Fest spots near you, make sure to use the handy map tool on the official website that will list the locations for you.

Some of the participating pizzerias include:

  • Bistro 360
  • Fuoco
  • Leonardo's Pizzeria
  • Bambi MTL
  • Enrioco's Pizza Bar
  • Biscotti E Cucina
  • Fiorellino
  • New Rivoli Pizzeria
  • Quindici
  • Pizzeria Dei Compari
  • Amelia's
  • Vincent Submarines Montreal North

At the festival, you'll be able to try everything from classic Italian style pizzas to pies with unique toppings! For example, Leonardo's Pizzeria will be selling a Shepherd's Pie Pizza topped with mashed potatoes, corn, ground meat, and ketchup! 

The full list of participating restaurants will be posted on September 1. At the moment, there's no word if last year's winner San Gennaro Pizza will be competing again. 

Pizza Fest Montreal

Price: Various prices

When: Sep. 11 to 24, 2019

Address: See the list of participating restaurants here.

Why you need to go: Enjoy the best pizza in Montreal!