The family pranksters from California actually have a tie to Canada. The Ace Family's Catherine Paiz comes from Montreal and often talks about her Canadian childhood. She even shared that she misses the poutine she ate while living in her French hometown!

Paiz was born on August 24, 1990, in Montreal but moved to Miami as a young child. 

According to a YouTube video from Before They Were Famous, her parents were immigrants from Panama. Their native language is Spanish and her upbringing reportedly makes her trilingual in English, French, and Spanish. 

During her early life, Paiz's father raised her in Montreal until they moved down to Florida where her mother had a career as a hairstylist.

That was where she picked up a job as a model for Azzelia Swimwear while living in the sunshine state. 

After that, Famous Birthdays claims that she packed up and moved to Los Angeles in order to jump-start her career in acting. 

Her future hubby was born and raised in LA and the two met each other at a party in the city.

Though their family life is currently located in California, Paiz tweeted in 2015 that she missed her hometown city. 

She also shared a throwback photo in 2014 of her suited in Montreal Canadiens gear. She wrote that she "played hockey for 4yrs of my life". 

The year before that, she also shared an old photo of her and her brother as "#HappyKids" in Montreal together.

In a recent vlog from June 2019, Paiz shared that she misses the poutine that she grew up eating while living in Montreal.

She said, "I miss it so much, they don't have that in the states" and her husband actually responded, "what is that?" since he's always lived in America.

Hopefully one day they'll take a family vacation to Paiz's Montreal hometown for some poutine and a hockey game!