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Canada's Latest Luxury Hotel Is Opening Next Month And The Photos Are Stunning

The hotel even has a new high-end restaurant on the terrace.
Canada's Latest Luxury Hotel Is Opening Next Month And The Photos Are Stunning

Once and a while we all like to live the life of luxury. That's what's so great about travelling, you can relax and totally pretend just for a few days that your life if actually super luxurious. For Canadians and travellers that just got even easier, because the Four Seasons Montreal is opening next month and the photos are super stunning. 

Once completed, the Four Seasons Montreal will be the luxury brand's fourth location in all of Canada. They currently have hotels in Toronto, Vancouver, and Whistler. Now, this fourth location will be in Golden Square Mile, a ritzy neighbourhood in central Montreal. The neighbourhood features lots of historic mansions, tourist attractions, and now a Four Seasons Hotel. 

The hotel announced today that they are officially opening on May 8, 2019, and have already started taking reservations for the 169 rooms the hotel will have. Speaking of rooms, they don't come cheap. 

To stay in a "Deluxe Room," which is the cheapest one they have, on opening night is $412/night before taxes and fees. The prices only go up from there. Their most expensive room, for example, is the "Premier Carré-Dorré" and it is $512/night. Then there are the suites. 

The least expensive suite is the "Four Seasons Executive Suite" which is going for $700/night. Then there's the "One Bedroom Suite" for $1020/night. The most expensive suite off them all, however, is the presidential suite. It's so expensive that the price isn't even listed online. If you want to book it you have to call and make the reservation directly. 

The only good news when it comes to the prices is that for that amount of money the room you get is absolutely gorgeous. They each have four-poster beds, classy metal finishes, and huge windows with Montreal views. 

On top of the rooms, the new hotel is also home to a luxury new restaurant too. The restaurant is called MARCUS and is run by Marcus Samuelsson, a world-class chef. This will be his first Canadian location. 

On top of being run by a top chef, the restaurant, which is on the third floor of the hotel, includes a big outdoor terrace with breathtaking views of Montreal. 

The hotel was originally due to open in Mid-2019 but they confirmed this morning that the opening date will be, Wednesday, May 8. However, the pool and spa will not be available until May 21. The Four Seasons Montreal is also now accepting requests from weddings and other events who want to tour and book their space. 

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