For all you puzzle lovers, you need to add this experience to your bucket list. A massive escape room in Canada just opened and it traps you on a tropical island. So it is time to gather your team and see if you can defeat The Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen in Laval near Ottawa.

Escape rooms are still really popular and it's partly because they mix fun challenges with out-of-this-world adventures. 

We've seen all kinds of escape rooms from ones where you have to save a baby dragon to a spy-themed room that is so difficult only one person has solved the last question.

The Escaparium's newest experience, The Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen, is so jaw-dropping it worth the drive to Laval just to experience it.

It first opened on December 30, 2019, and is a sprawling 2,000 square feet. To give you an idea of just how gigantic that is, it is double the size of your average escape room in Canada.

It cost $350,000 to build this immersive world of pirates and witchcraft. When you enter the space, you'll quickly feel like you are part of the story, from all the special effects, props and decor.

But, you'll need to keep your wits sharp as it is the hardest room at their Laval location.

In 75 minutes, you'll need to find the hidden island and snatch the "Eternal Loneliness" from the Voodoo Queen.

biggest escape room in canada

Without giving away too much, your journey will start on a colossal ship that is the length of roughly two buses.

If that wasn't spectacular enough, you need to get your sea legs ready as the 80-foot-long boat actually rocks.

biggest escape room in canada

Do you think you have what it takes to escape the island without facing the Voodoo Queen's wrath? 

If so, you can play with a group of four to eight players. The recommended team size is six people.

As the length of the game is slightly longer than the standard one hour, the fee is a bit higher at $37.99 a person. You can book a timeslot online on their website.

The Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen

Price: $37.99 a person

Address: 5545 Boul. des Rossignols, Laval, QC

Why You Need To Go: You won't believe the insane size of this voodoo island.

biggest escape room in canada