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This Bright Montreal Loft Has 3 Floors & You Can Rent It For $2100 A Month

There's just one small catch with the "exposed" bathroom on the top floor.

You’ve probably heard it before — Montreal is a chic city that’s great for many reasons, one of them being the relatively cheap rental rates. If you’ve been looking to rent an apartment in Montreal, we may have found a listing that’s just right for you. This three-floor loft in the hip area of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is going for $2100 a month, and it comes completely furnished.

Yup, you read that right. You and a friend can have all of that space, and more, for $1,050 a month each. Although one of the floors looks like a basement, the two upper floors are super bright because of the floor to ceiling windows. The top floor is technically a mezzanine where you will find one of the bedrooms and one full bathroom, which is where a small catch comes in.

The bathroom on the mezzanine is totally exposed, but from the strategic placement of the toilet and bathtub and judging from how high the mezzanine is from the main floor, you’re probably good. To be fair, the other bedroom is in the basement and looks a little less exciting. We’ll let you and your roommate decide who gets which bedroom.

The rest of the decor in the loft is a charming blend of contemporary and old-world elegance. In the living room, the exposed timber and large white couch give the space a sense of stylish comfort. The ornate furnishings and darker colour schemes in the bedroom give them a sense of warmth.

Although there’s no real separation between the bedroom and the bathroom on the mezzanine, it’ll be fun to get up there with the steel ladder that starts in the living room. There’s even a small gate at the top of the ladder going into the bedroom, so you can keep people out no problem.

And you wouldn’t have to share a bathroom with anyone, not even your guests! In addition to the two full bathrooms connected to the respective bedrooms, there’s another half bathroom in the living room for visitors. It’s the perfect setup. 

The listing also says that this loft is located right in front of La Fontaine Park, so you can go for walks and take in some nature whenever you feel like it. Furthermore, in the neighbourhood of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal — or the Plateau — there’s always something trendy to do. It’s an area that’s known for endless restaurants, art, and cheap rent.

There’s no time to waste; if you want this listing, you need to hurry up before it gets snatched up! It’s definitely a hidden gem that will make any renter happy. And if you’re living elsewhere and this makes you want to move to Montreal, well, you’d be in good company.

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