Ice cream is the ultimate treat to enjoy in the summer. Montreal has no shortage of extraordinary ice cream stores, but one you won't want to miss is Le Blueboy. They sell insane pineapple and watermelon ice cream bowls in Montreal that you need to try!

Located in the heart of Mont-Royal on Mont-Royal Ave E, Le Blueboy is a gem in the city. The interior has a fun 1950s theme, and each week, they offer a different variety of homemade frozen yogurt or sorbet, such as chilli and lime, mojito, and blood orange.

The concept is simple here, you pick your frozen yogurt, add any toppings, and you pay for the weight of your custom dessert at the counter. They also offer a variety of other unique desserts, including massive fruit bowls filled with ice cream and sorbet.

Back by popular demand, the watermelon bowl is now available at Le Blueboy again. It is half of a watermelon bowl filled with two homemade sorbets and vanilla ice cream. To make the treat extra amazing, it has a strawberry chocolate sauce drizzled on top and has tons of toppings like pocky sticks, gummies, and a cheesecake pop!

Meanwhile, the pineapple bowl is just as fantastic! It is half of a pineapple filled with one homemade sorbet and vanilla ice cream and has chocolate strawberry sauce over the top. To enhance the pineapple bowl there is also a variety of candies like pocky sticks, a cheesecake pop and gummies.

Want to try the watermelon or pineapple bowl for yourself? Go ahead and invite your friend to join you at Le Blueboy this summer. The watermelon bowl is $20 (plus tax), and the pineapple bowl is $15 (plus tax).

Pineapple And Watermelon Ice Cream Bowl

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Ice cream

Address: 150 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal

Why you need to go: Incredible watermelon or pineapple ice cream bowls that are perfect for summer!