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A Canadian Company Just Launched Brand New Recyclable Sneakers

They're taking steps to save the environment.
A Canadian Company Just Launched Brand New Recyclable Sneakers

A new line of recyclable running shoes by a Canadian company is all about the environment and they look good too. The line of sustainably stylish footwear launched today. So not only will you help reduce waste and help save the environment but you'll look good while doing it.

On October 29, Way Running launched The Sustainable Runner, a recyclable shoe, with the goal of reducing the impact the apparel and footwear industry has on the environment.

The Montreal startup was co-founded by three avid runners and The Sustainable Runner is the company's first product launch. The shoes, which are made of recyclable materials, come in three colours, white, black or white and black, and have a simplistic design.

"We wanted the Way Sustainable Runner to be a sustainable product from start to finish throughout the shoe's lifecycle," said Mathieu Desjardins, co-founder of Way Running, in a news release.

Shoes can be purchased through a Kickstarter put on by Way Running.

You can buy one pair of shoes for $145 CAD, which saves you $50 CAD, one pair of shoes and one pair of wool running socks for $165 CAD, which saves you $60 CAD, or two pairs for $290 CAD, which saves you $100 CAD. 

With The Sustainable Runner, the recycling aspect of the shoe's lifecycle isn't on the consumer. 

After you've bought the shoes and worn them out, you ship the shoes back in the original box and Way Running recycles and upcycles the shoe's materials.

Plus you get a rebate on the next pair you buy.

The shoes are so simple with only three colour options and no logos or unnecessary decorations. 

The materials used to make the shoes mean it breathes well, dries quickly, and regulates your temperature. And it's designed in a way that makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

Since this is the first product for Way Running, when you buy the shoes you get to take part in a feedback loop. Early customers will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the company about the shoe which will help improve it. 

Through an app, you answer questions about how many times a week you wear the shoes, what you wear them for and how worn out they are. Once you're ready to send them back, they create the shipping label for you.

"It begins with the use of natural and recyclable materials – no paint, no gimmicks, nothing unnecessary – and it ends with our commitment to recycle and reuse all components once the shoe is worn out," said Desjardins.

Only a limited quantity of the shoes was made and the ones that are purchased through the first launch are expected to deliver in April 2020. 

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