More Shocking Details Have Been Revealed About XXXTentacion's Death

Rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed in South Florida.
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More Shocking Details Have Been Revealed About XXXTentacion's Death

As you may know, famous rapper XXX Tentacion was shot and killed last weekend. The rap community has been in disarray since his loss. In the days that have followed the murder, few details have been released about the incident and who's involved. 

We've previously reported that XXXTentacion was shopping for motorcycles in South Florida before the shooting. We also know that he was carrying a Louis Vuitton bag that was stolen from the scene of the crime.

We've also stated thatDedrick D. Williams has been arrested in relation to his murder. 

Some new details have just been released regarding the investigation. 

It is very likely that the people involved in the shooting knew exactly who XXXTentacion was. The rapper was extremely famous in that area because that's where he lived. 

More details have been released about the actual shooting. When XXX was leaving a motorcycle shop in Pompano Beach, an SUV pulled in front of his car to prevent him from leaving. Two armed men jumped out of the passenger side of an SUV and this is when they confronted the rapper. They demanded property from XXX and that's when the incident became deadly.

According to TMZ, police documents say that's when a "brief struggle" ensued. The rapper was then shot multiple times, the attackers removed a small bag from XXX's car and then fled the scene.

According to documents, a surveillance video in the motorcycle store shows the two gunmen enter the store and walk past XXX. It's believed that they knew the rapper because they then walked out of the store and waited 10 minutes for him to leave before confronting him. As said before, XXX was very famous in this area of Florida.

The surveillance video shows Dedrick wearing a white tank top and bright orange sandals, which match photos on his social media pages. Also, he allegedly posted this threatening photo on Facebook after the shooting. 

In the surveillance video, the other gunman was wearing dark clothing and a red mask on his face. Cops also have a surveillance video showing Dedrick buying a black neoprene mask. 

The police currently have two more arrest warrants out, we assume it would be for the other shooter and the driver of the SUV. 

Source: TMZ

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