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Morphe Fans Are Begging The Company To Drop Their Partnership With James Charles Amid Scandal

Since last Friday, it seems like James Charles's feud with Tati Westbrook is the only thing people have been talking about. The feud is one of the biggest that YouTube has ever seen, which has helped Tati gain millions of subscribers but allowed James to lose millions. Not only is James's apparel site Sisters Apparel down, but his partnership with Morphe may be on the fritz. Morphe fans are boycotting the company amid James Charles scandal

If you're not familiar with Morphe, they're a cosmetic company that ranges from brushes to eyeshadow palettes, to basically anything makeup related. Last November, James revealed he had created a palette with Morphe with the tagline 'Unleash Your Inner Artist'. The palette sold out completely, with restocks every month. However, sales may be going down for the James Charles palette after his scandal. 

Not only has James lost millions of subscribers, but he's lost real-life friends and celebrity friends as well. After making his apology video, which almost has 40 million views, James has yet to come back to social media. That may be the best choice for right now, as all of Morphe's twitter responses are telling them to cut their relationship with James ASAP. 

Fans also find it super shady that there is not one comment on their Instagram about James. One user wrote, "Any post that has ZERO negative comments from all of this looks extremely shady from a customer perspective." Morphe can delete comments all they want, but they can't delete other peoples tweets. 

If you look on their Twitter, you'll see hundreds of replies like the ones above. While it's obvious that Morphe is trying to figure out what to do with James, it may not be that easy when there are contracts involved. 

The James Charles x Morphe palette is still up on their website, and no, it's not on sale. Sephora dropped Olivia Jade two days after her scandal broke, so fans are expecting that same respect. However, as of right now, it looks like Morphe is sticking by James. 

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