Medieval castles hold a special kind of charm, from evoking memories of favorite childhood fairytales, to dreams of epic dragon fights, and even unresolved feelings of the Game of Thrones finale. Now matter what you think about when you see them, they’re pretty darn magical, but don’t have to travel all the way across the world to see one in person! In Alabama, a stunning hand-crafted castle known as Mosher Castle awaits, and you can visit for free!

Walking through Mosher Castle is like stepping into a real-life fairytale. Though the castles are a private residence, you can book tours of them and even book it on Airbnb to stay in for just $95 a night!

The entire property actually consists of two castles, The Sheldon Castle and The Mosher Castle. Both structures feature cobblestone walls, whimsical turrets, and made almost completely from repurposed materials. Can you spot the dragon on the roof?

They sometimes even host community events during the holidays, and it’s the perfect spot to meet Santa and his elves.

While large tours and professional photoshoots can be booked for a fee, anyone can come see, explore, and take amateur photos of the exterior of the castle any time during daylight hours!

The castle’s origins date back to the close of World War II, when Craig Sheldon began to build an addition to the family home in Fairhope, Alabama.

The magic of Sheldon Castle took wing with recycled materials, transforming into a piece of art and fantasy.

When Craig’s daughter Pagan was grown, she continued her father’s legacy, expanding the castle grounds when they bought an adjacent property and started work on their own Mosher Castle.

The Mosher and Sheldon Castles are a living fairytale, and truly magical to experience!

Mosher & Sheldon Castles

Price: Free

Address: 456 Oak Ave., Fairhope, AL

Why You Need To Go: No need to travel across the world to see a real castle, Alabama has it's very own in Fairhope!