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Most Common Last Name In Canada Is Smith & It's Such A Cliche

What's in a name? A lot of the same when it comes to ones in the true north. The most common last name in Canada is actually Smith and it's the top surname in seven provinces and territories.

When it comes to names in Canada there are a lot of unique ones out there. Our country even has quirky ones for places too, like winter and love-themed ones and some positively weird ones.

With people's surnames, some pop up here way more often than others.

In the true north, Smith is the most common one you can find followed up by Brown, Tremblay, Martin and Roy according to Forebears, an online genealogy portal.

Across the entire population of the country, Smith is the name of one in 192 people.

While seven provinces and territories have that one as their most popular, the other places have different names taking top spot like Friesen, Tremblay, Leblanc, MacDonald and Power.

Even where Smith is in the lead, the ones after it differ a lot from place to place across the country.

Here are the most common last names you can find in every province and territory in Canada.


In the Yukon, Smith is the most common last name and about one in every 105 people have it there.

Johnson, Anderson, Brown, and Taylor make up the rest of the top five for the territory.


Smith reigns supreme on the west coast and people with that name make up 16.31% of all the Smiths in the country.

After that, Lee, Wong, Johnson, and Brown are the most common ones.

Northwest Territories

Brown, Lafferty, MacDonald, and McLeod are all common monikers in the Northwest Territories.

However, Smith is still ranked number one here just like in six other provinces and territories.


In Alberta, the number of people with the last name Smith makes up 13.41% of all people in Canada with that name, which is the third-highest in the country.

Johnson, Anderson, Brown, and Wilson round out the top five.


While there aren't as many Smiths in Saskatchewan as compared to B.C. and Alberta, it's still the most common one in the province.

It's followed up by Johnson, Anderson, Brown, and Miller.


Once again, Smith is the most common last name here.

However, it's followed up closely by Kilabuk, Gibbons, Nakoolak, and Putulik.

More than 90% of people with the name Kilabuk and Nakoolak are from Nunavut.


The further east you go, the less common Smith is. Finally, there's a different name at the top in Manitoba.

Friesen reigns supreme here but Canada's most popular last name is close behind it and followed by Wiebe, Klassen and Penner.


If there was a prize for the most having the most Smiths in one place, Ontario would definitely win. 46.26% of people with that name are from the province.

Other common names are Brown, Wilson, Lee and Martin.


All of the top five last names in Quebec are more often found there than in any other place in Canada.

Tremblay takes top spot, followed by Gagnon, Roy, Cote, and Gauthier.

New Brunswick

In New Brunswick, Leblanc is the most common one.

After that, there is Cormier, Richard, and Robichaud. Smith only manages to take up the fifth spot in the ranking.

Nova Scotia

One in every 57 people in Nova Scotia has the last name MacDonald.

After that, you can find Smith, Brown, Leblanc, and MacNeil as the other most common ones. 46.18% of MacNeils in Canada can be found in this province.


P.E.I. also has the same most common last name as Nova Scotia: MacDonald is ahead of other names in the province like Gallant, Arsenault, Campbell, and Smith.

Even though MacDonald is the most popular one in two provinces, it only ranks 10th when it comes to all of Canada.

Newfoundland & Labrador

There's a new name at the top in Newfoundland & Labrador. Power is a popular name in Canada's easternmost province but it's followed closely by Smith.

After that, White, Parsons, and Walsh are the next most common ones.