While most Canadians are often concerned about how high universities rank when it comes to education, it's also important to know how likely you will be to get employed after graduating. In a recent study, universities were ranked across the world to see who has some of the most employable graduates, and multiple Canadian universities actually made the list. 

Top Universities ranked hundreds of universities across the globe to see which students are more likely to get jobs after graduating. While Massachusetts Institute of Technology came in the first place, many Canadian universities actually followed closely behind. 

Throughout the study, Top Universities state that employers often express concern that multiple universities aren't doing their part in preparing students for their field of work, often leaving students unprepared to enter the workforce after graduating. 

However, those universities that were ranked at the top of the most employable list, often have a knack at helping their students prepare for their job field, well before they are sent off into the real world. 

In the study, it was revealed that the University of Toronto actually has some of the most employable graduates. Ranking number one in Canada and 12 worldwide, the school is known as one of the best in Canada. 

However, the University of Toronto isn't the only Canadian university that is one of the best for employable graduates. The University of Waterloo actually follows close behind, ranking second-best in Canda, and 25th worldwide. 

The University of British Columbia comes in third in Canada and 38th worldwide, and the University of Alberta comes in fourth in Canada and 87th worldwide. 

The last university to hit the top 100 was McMaster University, ranking number 93 worldwide, and fifth in Canada. 

However, it's not just the most employable that puts Canadain universities above most. The Academic Ranking of World Universities also ranked the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University and McMaster as some of the best universities around the world. 

While five Canadian universities made it into the top 100 of most employable schools across the world, other Canadain universities also made the top 500 list. 

To view the full graduate employability rankings for 2019, you can view the full Top University list here. 

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